The Heart & Soul of A to Z

Amanda & Jason Bufford, Owners

Amanda and Jason have been in the resale business since for over a decade and have a  strong knowledge of knowing junk from treasure. They know how to  research items to find their true value and maximize your profit. While  others may see your business as just another sale on their monthly  calendar, they view their customers as family and take the time to meet  all of your needs.

Jason and Amanda began their resale career in  2004 while still serving in the Air Force as medics; however they both  grew up in families that woke before sunrise on Saturday mornings to  search garage sales for treasures. This lifelong love of treasure  hunting is why we this industry is their passion!

Amanda  specializes in organizing and marketing and has a love for the history  behind an antique item; she collects old books and blue mason jars. She  has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree  in Business Management.

Jason wears many hats he is a devoted and  loving husband and loves spending time with his children; he also  enjoys painting and writing, he has written several books and loves  spending the day finding buried treasures with his metal detector.  He  is a movie buff and loves trivia or anything that challenges him. His  artistic eye sees the beauty and potential in old items. He is a  hard-worker, and is good at whatever he puts his mind to. Years of  resale experience has taught him about an array of items and their  value; if he doesn't know something he will research it until he finds  the answer!

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Cheryl  has been with the A to Z team since February of 2014 she is always  willing to help, full of energy, is never afraid to get her hands dirty  and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!  Her  dedication to the mission and her positive attitude keeps the team  going! She is the glue that holds the team together!  You will rarely  find her sitting still, she's our busy bee always working with a smile  on her face!

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April  has been with A to Z Estate Sales since June of 2013, she is great with  details and has a memory like an elephant! She helps keep everybody on  track whether it be regarding pricing or remembering a customers name,  what they purchased 2 weeks ago or how much an item sold for a month  ago! April is dedicated and focused on getting the mission completed;  her seriousness is often misunderstood but once you know April its hard  not to love her!

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Jennifer  has been with A to Z Estate Sales since February of 2015.  She is our  marketing guru, great at keeping up with our social media, emailing and  text messages to let all of our customers know about all of our amazing  sales!!!  She's great at selling and the customers love her sweet  persuasiveness.  She has a big heart and is always so empathetic to our  clients.


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Lisa  has been with our company since 2016 she is an absolute sweetheart! She  is a hard worker and always shows up with a smile on her face ready to  work.  She is very thoughtful and is always doing something for the team  whether its bringing breakfast or cheering somebody up with a surprise  gift! Her sweet personality and smile light up a room! She is very  friendly and  keeps busy all day! She loves digging for treasures and  enthusiastically sharing what she finds with customers!