The Heart & Soul of A to Z


Amanda & Zoey, Owners

Amanda and Zoey have been in the resale business for over a decade and have a  strong knowledge of knowing junk from treasure. They know how to  research items to find their true value and maximize your profit. They began their resale career in  2004 while still serving in the Air Force as medics; however they both grew up in families that woke before sunrise on Saturday mornings to  search garage sales for treasures. This lifelong love of treasure  hunting is why we this industry is their passion!

Amanda  handles meeting with new clients and scheduling their sale dates.  She has a love for the history  behind an antique item; she collects old books and blue mason jars. She  has a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Zoey wears many hats, she leads the prep team in setting up the estate sales each week as well as photographs and prices inventory, she also does the accounting for clients and isthe one who sends out payments.  When time permits she enjoys painting and writing and has written several books of her own. Her  artistic eye sees the beauty and potential in old items. She is a certified appraiser and does an amazing job researching items.



Cheryl  has been with the A to Z team since February of 2014 she is always  willing to help, full of energy, is never afraid to get her hands dirty  and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!  Her  dedication to the mission and her positive attitude keeps the team  going! She is the glue that holds the team together!  You will rarely  find her sitting still, she's our busy bee always working with a smile  on her face!  She is a loving mother and grandmother and we have all taken her in as one of our own.  She may not be blood but shes as near and dear to our hearts as one can get!



Terri is our little Ray of sunshine that brightens all of our days.  Her positive outlook and problem solving skills have made her a commodity for the A to Z team.  She is always prepared and has a heart of gold.  Terri is an amazing wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  Surprising I know, shes still so young and full of energy!



Jennifer  has been with A to Z Estate Sales since February of 2015.  She is our  marketing guru, great at keeping up with our social media, emailing and  text messages to let all of our customers know about all of our amazing  sales!!!  She's great at selling and the customers love her sweet  persuasiveness.  She has a big heart and is always so empathetic to our  clients.  Best of all she is Amanda's sister in law, a mother of two Hailey and Aubrey, is married to Amanda's brother Bradly and is a very loved aunt to Tyler and Grace.




Misti is a hardworker with a can-do attitude and a desire to complete the mission.  She goes above and beyond in all tasks and is able to understand what the client needs to make their transition easier.  Misti is Jen's cousin, a mother to 3 beautiful girls and is married to her long time sweetheart. She is a sale manager and is an integral member of the A to Z family.