The Estate Sale Process


It has come to our attention that several of our clients have been asked by other estate  sale companies to write a deposit check or provide payment to the  company BEFORE the sale ever occurs.  This is not a normal practice  among estate sale companies, please BEWARE.....We charge no upfront fees  and do not receive payment until the completion of your estate sale.   We do not require deposit checks OR Per Diem for our employees gas or  lunches. We do not require you to be locked out of your home for weeks  or months while we prepare for your sale nor do we require you to give  us any leftovers that do not sell.

Please be careful who you hire there are some odd happenings going on in the estate sale world.

A to Z Estate Sales specializes in helping seniors that are downsizing and moving to retirement communities. For more information regarding senior moves please give us a call!

Why should I hire A to Z to execute my estate sale?

Zoey and Amanda have almost 20 years of experience in the resale industry. 

Their  services include organizing and executing estate sales and  liquidations, advertising on our website, and by way of our email and  text messaging list received by several thousand local buyers.

We  hold our sales open for more days than most other companies-giving your  items the time they need to get them sold for the most money possible.

We  reduce theft and breakage by limiting the number of buyers in the house  at any one time and strategically plan the flow based on your floor  plan to provide optimal security and efficiency.

We  care about you and about your prized possessions. We will always be  empathetic to you and your family's feelings, and we will exercise great  care in the handling and selling of your possessions

**Our fee includes advertising costs, organizing, supplies, and covers paying all of our staff there are no hidden fees**

How far in advance should I call you?

The sooner the better.
Depending on the time of year we may book up quick! 
If you need your sale expedited we will work with you but please try to give us 2 to 3 weeks notice. 
However, if you need a sale done ASAP don't hesitate to call we may be able to squeeze you in!!!

99.9% of our sales are done in 7 days from start to finish....2 to 3 days or less prepping and a 3 day sale (Friday-Sunday).
If there is a substantial amount of items needing to be priced, organized, and cleaned
additional prep time may be necessary and extra sale days may be suggested.....but this is rare!

What will it cost me for A-Z to execute my estate sale?

There is no up-front or out-of-pocket expense to you.
Our  commission usually ranges from 35-40% however fees may vary based on  the amount of time, labor, and research required.  We will decide on our  percentage at your free consultation.
We will negotiate with you a  percentage of total sales for our commission, and simply deduct that  from the proceeds at the end of the sale.

How long does it take you to "set up" an estate sale?

We  normally only need 2-3 days to set-up an estate sale however size and  amount of items may cause set-up time to vary.  Because we have such an  awesome team many of our sales our prepped in 1 day however if more time  is necessary we will take as many days needed to get the job done!

How many days do you hold an estate sale open?

We usually hold the estate sale open to the public for 3-4 days however if more time is needed we will let you know!

Where do you advertise your estate sales?

We  advertise on our web page, social media sites (Facebook, instagram,  twitter) our large email list of over 2,000 subscribers, our text  messaging list of over 2,000 subscribers, 3 Estate Sale Websites  (, and, Craigslist, local  newspapers, and with professional directional road signs. 

~Please note for added security the exact address is never released to the public until 24 hours prior to the 1st sale day~

I don't have an "entire household" of possessions. Can you help me sell what I have?

We  do need a certain quantity of sell-able items, in order for us to hold a  liquidation sale for you. However, it does need to be an "entire  household", nor do you have to have antiques!

We  sell everything from antiques to modern items and everything in  between.  You don't have to have a lot of furniture although the more  the better....even all those little knick knacks and everyday houseware  items really add up!! Remember we can sell it all....clothes, linens,  kids toys, toiletries and cleaning supplies, yard chemicals and tools,  wall art, appliances, guns, ammo, jewelry (gold/silver or costume),  desirable collectibles, coins, high end and low end items and everything  in between!

Best  rule of thumb, "don't throw it away unless the flies are landing on  it!"etc. Give us a call, and we will tell you whether or not we can do a  liquidation sale for you, based upon what you have to sell.

My  estate is not full of EXPENSIVE or highly VALUABLE items? Can I still  schedule an estate sale with just normal household stuff-furniture,  household goods, etc?

YES!  There are A LOT of estate sale go-er's who go to estate sales to find  non-expensive, "plain" houseware items that they can use it's not always  about antiques and rare finds!         

What happens to the items that don't sell?

We  strive to sell every last item in the house for the highest price we  can achieve and it is always our ultimate goal to sell EVERYTHING.....

However,  unlike a store, we can not sit back and wait days, months, or years for  items to sell. We only have 3-4 day so there may be items left over.

Most is ALWAYS YOUR DECISION with what happens to leftovers!

At  our initial consult we will provide you with a list of charities that  are more than willing to come out and box off the items you do not want  and leave you with an empty house and a tax receipt.....

or there may be some items that we can suggest sending to our 8k square foot auction house in Addison

Of course, you can always choose to keep any unsold items or give them to friends or family.

There  are estate sale companies that require that all leftovers be given to  them; our company does not do this.....You have to ask yourself, if a  company will receive any unsold items, what is their incentive to sell  and get you the most possible for your treasures?

Do I need to be present for the preparation days and sale days?

No, in fact we ask that you please find somewhere away from the estate to "hang out" during sale and prep days. 

Please  know that we do not say this to be rude however things run smoothly if  we are able to give our full attention to your estate and selling all of  your treasures. 

Please feel free to "drop in" at anytime but don't stay too long, we want to give you our best and make your sale successful. 

Our previous experience with having homeowners present  has caused increased prep time and a decline in sales.

What IS an estate sale, anyway?

Originally  an estate sale was a sale or auction held to liquidate the possessions  left behind by someone recently deceased. More recently, the term has  been loosely applied to any sale inside a home involving an entire  household of possessions.

What do you do to "set up" an estate liquidation sale?    

First, we set up our display tables throughout the house, and re-arrange furniture as necessary.
Then, we begin emptying drawers and boxes, cleaning items as necessary and arranging them on our display tables.
Finally, we affix prices to all displayed items and take final pictures of your items for advertising purposes.

Can I assign minimum prices to my possessions?

We  do allow our clients to set minimum prices on a very limited number of  items, and will work with our clients to meet their needs. However,  we have knowledge in current market value, and will tell you what the  maximum price something is likely to bring. We will allow clients to set  minimum prices on some items, however we must have have the freedom to  price items to sell, at the prices we know will sell.  Without the  ability to sell items at our discretion profits are reduced causing an  inability to pay for our time and our labor charges.

How soon will I, the client, be paid after the estate sale is over?

We  mail your check within 24-48 hours after the sale ends, no more than 2  business days.  We understand that funds are often needed to pay for  care, services/bills and we respect the fact that you need your money  quickly! 99.9% of the time checks are mailed out first thing Monday  morning (the day after the sale is completed).

Should I sort items out, or clean the house up before you arrive?

Please  do not throw anything away (see our don't throw it away page above)even  if you feel certain it is of no value. And sorting and arranging is our  job - you don't need to do it. 

Just Remember!
~Don't throw it away unless the flies are landing on it!!!~

What if my estate contains fine art or very rare collectibles?

We have the resources available to determine the current market value of items whether they are common or rare. 
For fine art and ancient artifacts, if we cannot find the necessary information,
we have an appraiser on staff that can give us answers.

Should I wait until the house is sold, to hold my estate sale?

This  would be between you and your listing agency to discuss. Some realtors  like the home to be empty before they list it and some don't.....some  people need the money from the estate sale to close on the house. 

Just remember that the  estate sale will bring in possible buyers for the house itself and it  is a fact that homes sell faster because of buyers that attend Estate  Sales!

How do I arrange for A to Z to execute my sale?

Just give us a call or text us at (972)793-3432
email us at
We are happy to come out at your convenience to give you a free no obligation evaluation of your estate!